Riot in Tibet: True face of western media

This video reveals how western media make fake reporting about riot in Tibet by modifying and misjudging pictures purposely


5 Responses to “Riot in Tibet: True face of western media”

  1. german guy Says:

    no one here in germany denies their violent actions. think before you write!!

    but according to your pictures, why is it wrong to show nepal officers and call them chinese police? isnt tibet ruled by chinese presence, and if so do tibetans want that???

  2. tigerloong Says:

    they are wrong pictures. I dont know why? professional and righteous western news?

    i don’t mind you say me “stupid guys” and “poor china”. I’m only common chinese. I love my country. I love tibet. All people of China love Tibetan culture. All people of China love culture of the minority areas

  3. alex Says:

    Please get your geographical facts right. Nepal is a sovereign country that BORDERS China and not in China, what they do there is not under the jurisdiction of the Chinese government.
    If you agree with the fact that there are indeed violent actions, what is your justification for allowing them to continue? Would the German government allow violent protests to continue and not step in to stop them? If so, I would pity the german people.

  4. german guy Says:

    first of all i have to apologize. i didnt mean it when i called you “stupid”. really sorry for that tigerloong

    and else i did some research on tibets history and geography 🙂 alex

    i do know now that internationally it is not clear whether tibet is handled as a part of china or apart from that. what is clear is the fact that since 1950 china is inside tibet whether the tibetan people want it or not and china is destroying cultural habits and monasteries for years. i do not justify the brutality of the tibetan protesters, but what i agree to is there thought behind it. if i would see others destroying my deepest habits i would try to stop it. but as the chinese government is one that keeps most of its critique away and punishes those who dont accept this i can understand why the tibetans see no other option than in loudly proclaiming their right for a free life, also in order to reach the public. can anyone really believe that the “dalai-clique” (what a stupid name chosen by the chinese government by the way) is lead by a man like the dalai lama, who just recently said that tibet doesnt even want independence just some more rights on their religion and culture? this peaceful man shall be the leader of all those protests???? really not i think.

    to us in the western world it looks very confusing when we see that all reporters have to leave the country in order to not get more pictures of chinas strategy. here i mean all the chinese soldiers that were sent to tibet, probably so much that they are not supposed to leave there soon. to me it looks like sending out all western media stations, then clear all up brutally and let all in again after its finished, do you know what i mean? i just feel sorry for you chinese because you are so much watched by your government and if you arent even aloud to think critically about your country it looks like a prison to me, without free thought. example would be the banning of youtube or the small police men which occur on your computer, telling you that you are watched from now on whenever a so called “critical” website is used, which could show negative aspects of chinese governments appear. that is no freedom to me.
    you say all people of china love tibetan, but why does nobody do anything to protect their rights?

  5. tigerloong Says:

    Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth by Michael Parenti

    Purba Rgyal (Pubajia, you can search the name by youtube) won the best of China Lycra “My Hero”(加油,好男儿) in 2006, the TV show likes American Idol, and having millions of fans throughout China.
    His film – Prince Of The Himalayas

    Pubajia, together with 4 other countries singier sing at the closing ceremony in the Special Olympic in Shanghai. He is representing Asia while the 4 othere represent the other 4 continents.

    Pubajia Purba Rgyal – New year blessing 2007

    Pubajia is not only one tibetan star in China.

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