Tibet WAS,IS,and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China


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Do u bandwagon jumpers really care about Tibet? becuz u know u dont,Tibet is just a TOOL for u guys to throw things at China…Well..since u want to bash China,but do u know ANYTHING about Chinese history?? let me start by telling u this:The years that Tibet has been a part of China is way the hell longer then US/Canada/Aus/NewZealand’s history combined all together…so fuk off..and Tibet is a part of China,Deal with THAT!


One Response to “Tibet WAS,IS,and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China”

  1. tibettibettibet Says:

    I would like to remind people here to be very careful about what they believe. I have heard a lot about Tibetans making up stories to suit western ears. Recently I found more evidence of this in Robert Barnett’s essay ‘Women and Politics in Contemporary Tibet’. You can read it online here through googlebooks:


    Barnett is a lecturer in International and Public Affairs and coordinator of Columbia University’s Modern Tibetan Studies Program; therefore a trustworthy source. In his essay he describes this deceit, by a Tibetan woman in this case, as “performing her nation…by presenting a narrative that establishes her as part of the extended Tibetan body politic and identifies her within a history of nationality oppression and resistance.” Barnett then goes on to say that Tibetans are able to buy copies of a particular event that occurred in Lhasa many years before and that some Tibetans use this “regurgitated story” to gain asylum in the USA, he writes; “Accounts of that event can be bought from tutors in New York to be memorized by asylum seekers”. The purchasable story is based on this event covered in the New York Times:


    I wish not to promote that these abuses do not happen, but we do need to question just how many of the forced sterilizations and other accounts of torture and so forth coming out of Tibet are fabricated to gain support and assistance from a sympathetic yet gullible audience.

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