Chinese star Purba Rgyal (Pubajia),a tibetan

Purba Rgyal (蒲巴甲Pubajia) won the best of China Lycra “My Hero”(加油,好男儿) in 2006, the TV show likes American Idol, and having millions of fans throughout China.

His film – Prince Of The Himalayas


Film Director Sherwood Hu’s Prince of the Himalayas has entered the running for next year’s Golden Globe Awards with five Foreign Film nominations.

The film is a Tibetan version of William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Hamlet, and follows in the footsteps of Feng Xiaogang’s The Banquet.

The film’s hero is played by Tibetan actor Purba Rgyal. He won the first national Lycra My Hero TV show

The Golden Globe Jury has reportedly given the film high praise, saying “there are few Tibetan movies to compete and it is really stunning.”

Director Sherwood Hu has revealed his next film will be based in Shanghai and Purba Rgyal also play the lead.

LYCRA My Hero.

Searching for talent in China.


8 Responses to “Chinese star Purba Rgyal (Pubajia),a tibetan”

  1. Princess Drolma Layla Says:

    Hi!Dear Pubajia. How r u? I m Princess Drolma Layla from Kuala Lumpur,MALAYSIA. Yeah…i would like make friend with u. Hope u will reply me. Thank you.TEL-(0060-12-9723288)

  2. Princess Drolma Layla Says:

    I like Tibetan star Pubajia very much. He is a very handsome and full of many talents excellence star.I also like his löng hair,sexy and healthy image. I do love his all Tibetan fashions. He is a very successful star in China. I love him sososo much and will support him forever. “MY DEAR PUBAJIA, U R THE BEST”

  3. juzrave83 Says:

    Dear Princess,

    I’m also from KL. Which part of KL are u from? Pls don’t just post whatever you feel like on the net. I don’t think a REAL lady would say such thing and simply give out her phone number over the net!

  4. casus325 Says:

    Is this the real reply from Purba Rgyal? Any I just watched “The Holy Pearls” and I really like the movie. There’s not a lot of Tibetan stars, so keep up the good work for your homeland. 🙂

  5. luigi32 (@luigi86673040) Says:

    purba rgyal is great artist and beautiful boy

  6. thejani jayasanka Says:

    hi. purba rgyal im thejani plese give me the call ok my contact number is 0772147457 purba im sri lanka girl ok?

  7. new games gameplay Says:

    Highly energetic post, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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