To Times’ Jane Macartney: Stop ignoring Chinese People’s Voice


To Times’ Jane Macartney: Stop ignoring Chinese People’s VoiceDear Jane Macartney,(or can I call you chinese name 马珍 am one of Chinese Netizen. Last night(Mar. 28), I happend to read you latest posts about Tibet on “Times Online”, and I left my comments to you, but unfortunately seems they are not eligible to be shown on the site (at least till now). From your post, I know you’re watching this forum. So I gonna leave my comments here to you, hope you will receive.The first post I read from you is <<How I became the most hated woman in China>>. It’s quit intresting to see how the western correspondent like you react to people’s flooding phone call in China. And then I left my first comment which exactly 1000 characters.“I am a chinese from China and find your post by google news. Sorry if people bothered your life, they are not meant to hurt you but just angry. I am one of the angry Chinese, too. I know you’ve been in China for quite a while (Yes, I searched your name on baidu and google), you should know how Chinese people are proud to hold the Olympic games in China to integrate with the world, and how people in China love their country. I was soooo disappointed about what the western news say after what happend in Tibet. I use google news to search China everyday and all news about China are negative and unjusted. How could you media say “punishing China” or “boycott Beijing games”
or comparing it with Nazi Germany’s Olympics? Who you think you guys are?
YOU DID insult China and Chinese people!!! Yes, you guys have the right to tell your side of story, but why no one jump out to say our side and most important when it’s the truth?
STOP Ignoring Chinese people’s voice. You already own them a sorry.”
Your second report <<Tibet monks storm shrine visit in daring protest over Chinese ‘lies’>> made me a little bit on fire. Chinese lies?? Lies what?? Seems your points are “quite welcomed” by your reader, well, according to the comments. They don’t know China but seems they are so willing to “free Tibet”, “boycott Olympic” and even more ridiculous “free Chinese people”?! OK, so left my second comment to show my voice as a Chinese people.

“I am from China. I respect you has your own story or opnion, but does any one of you hear or care our story? Check out it yourself,
Don’t tell me that china daily is blocked in your counrty.
How can you say they are not terrorists?! They burn houses, kill Han Chinese and even Tibeten Chinese for human right?? I really can NOT understand!!
I’ve post my opinions and comments on many western websites, BBC, Times and MSNBC, but they never show up on the sites. WHY? Anyway, I will never stop!
Can anyone just Stop inoring Chinese people’s voice?
Good luck Beijing, good luck China! “

Well that’ was what I wanna say to you, and can you also answer my question?

You are so concerned about the comments on chinese website regarding your company Times. Why don’t you just show a little bit concern or even a little bit mercy on those young lives who burn to death in Tibet?
AND, could you let me know how my comments can be eligible on Times Online? Don’t tell me I have to add the words like “anti-China”. In that case, I would rather “remain silence” becasue I LOVE CHINA same as those billion people who living in this country. But WE will keep shouting, till the day world can finally hear our voice!

Sorry for my poor English if any, but I bet you can understand, as a western journalist. BTW, you were not that lucky to be the most hated woman in China. We don’t hate you or any other western journalists, we just anti bias.

Best regards,

Your Chinese Reader

PS: You might be interested in who I am, again I just one of the Chinese Netizen WITH NO gov’t backgound. I don’t know why western media like to think all chinese people who can build website, speak English or even find News via google are working for gov’t. How come?


3 Responses to “To Times’ Jane Macartney: Stop ignoring Chinese People’s Voice”

  1. Brad Blumenstock Says:

    While I understand the the motivations behind the attitudes of many Chinese regarding Western press coverage, it is simply ridiculous to refer anyone to a story in China Daily about these events as its content is totally controlled by the Communist Party. When China has a truly free press it may be possible to get balanced information from a domestic news source, but that is certainly not the case now. Which is precisely why the foreign press is so tightly controlled there.

  2. Wu Says:

    Dear Brad Blumenstock, I happen to be one of those millions Chinese who working/living overseas where, while not immuned to western media bias, is free of China’s media bias. I have been in US for more than 10 years. Just as I thought myself am finally getting used to the untrue but widely spread US mainstream media bias against China, I am at it again. I told myself to understand that China is rising and the West is getting uneasy, let’s be a nice player in this global political stage and just try to get along. But it cannot be done. What made me angry about the whole thing is how ignorant and lack of sympathy the West is toward the innocent victims. They were not China’s previlleged, they are just average Chinese who were working hard for better life. Their rights to better life were shattered by those violent rioters. At now, the West is adoring murderers as heros and victims as insignificant collateral damage. Does the West think lives of Tibetans worth more than Hans? If so, should we ask why and by how much? When next time anyone brings up about human rights in China, I will ask: whose rights? those who worked diligently but were slaughtered by the heros of the West, or those who were murderers but adorn by the West…

  3. wayne Says:

    To Brad Blumenstock:

    If the chinadaily reports are fake, then the riots will actually not have taken place. So how did it go? with bunch of sheeps and lama’s in the Himalaya? Why would the police try to prevent such a festivity then?!

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