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I am Naturalized American artist and living in China with my Chinese wife, artist too, for last two years.

TIBET, from 1914 was internationally recognized as CHINA. But, unfortunately for many smaller countries, we “the westerners” can change that as we are pleased. Just look NATO. They created own puppet country. KOSOVO, that was (from 12th., Century) country of  SERBIA. Today, KOSOVO is NATO’s and CIA’s “playground” (independent) territory, where they are training and preparing  many terrorists for future actions to undermine other legitimate governments which doesn’t want to work with multinational corporations which in other hands trying to control FUTURE OIL MATKET (ENERGY) and are using NATO forces, under pretext of democracy.

I think that “bleeding heart democracy” should get the FACKTS before posting any comments about TIBET!

“Divine” Dalai Lama and TIBET are nothing but THE EVIL and THE HELL for own people. Shame of all these that supports 20th and 21st Centuries INQUISITION.

Also, for you that would like to read really facts, just ‘google’ name Michael Parenti or visit link: http://www.michaelparenti.org/Tibet.html


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2-4-2008 08:30

Dong Shan Islands (Chinese Hawaii)



8 Responses to “Dalai Lama’s PACKAGE OF LIES”

  1. Sergio Ruivo Says:

    How much were you paid to utter such bullshit! Tibet was master of its own desitny from 1914 to 1950, with some minor British interference…the fact they they chose to live in a fuedal society is neither here nor there…it does not justify Chinese Fascist Occupation Rape and Pillaging!!!

  2. wmigda Says:

    all of you coward chinese people can kiss our bottoms – we are going to spread the truth no matter what your sick government and loads of brain-washed dummies would want to. If you want to change that, come and attack us with your troops. Then you will show your real “peaceful” attitude and proove your inclination towards such a peaceful event as olympics should be (and due to being staged in such country as PRC it no longer is). So better shut up and don’t whine like loosers about western civilisation supporting Tibet right for freedom, and against relentless human rights violation in PRC, or stand up and declare war to our countries. Take away your “flame of shame” – we don’t want it, just as we don’t want your stinking “olympics”. The real olympics should never be given to communist China in the first place.
    I know you are used to using “methods” to brain wash people and make them think what you want them to, but remember that outside PRC this will not work. Your mafia tentacles don’t reach that far.

  3. wmigda Says:

    BTW, why chinese troops invaded Tibet to spread communism in the first place ? There wasn’t any work class to support, so the real reason to do so was to take the land and slaves-to-be. Tibet did not need communism but you invaded it to forcefuly impose it to free people.

  4. wayne Says:

    Look at yourselves pro-tibetans. You’re uneducated and all but rude. Yet you provide no single evidence for what you’re accusing others. China is not afraid for you because uneducated and rude people simply cannot win. Pray to your god as much as you can but he won’t help you any further. I want to see more of your actions so that the whole world will recognize your true face.

  5. wmigda Says:

    1. hahaha officer wayne, you haven’t got a slightest idea about my education, and I can tell you that the term “uneducated” is a HUGE miss on your side. I guess that you and tigerloong (another chinese officer) will get promoted by chinese special secret service for the propaganda you’re spreading around ?

    2a. “rude” – I guess that calling Dalay Lama an evil and a liar is a top class example of politeness and savoir vivre ?

    2b. “rude” – torturing and killing people for their will to cultivate their tradition and religion is an example of good will and striving for peace ?

    3. Who is right ? The western media or state media of a country which denies its own people access to the information by banning most part of the internet and censorship of any news which don’t agree with the official direction of chinese communist party ? Chinese state media have no credibility at all to convince us that their version of the event is the right one.

    4. Officer togerloong has mentioned a date of 1914. Just a quick question – when did maoist rebels enter Tibet to spread communism ? In 1914 ??? Anyone is going to believe that ? The torment of Tibetans began when communist China decided to make Tibet a part of communist block as well. Did they want communism ? NO !!! So the maoist rebels were rude because they entered Tibet (they weren’t there before) UNINVITED. That is an example of being rude (to say at least).

    5. the real Chinese people cannot read this because this part of internet os banned by the chinese state. All of this is a global pro chinese/anti tibet propaganda which targets to set aside world’s attention from the unhumane actions happening right now in Tibet. Chinese government has denied outside agencies and independent reporters from entering Tibet because they have something to hide – the reality of opression they impose over Tibetan people.

  6. anti-prejudice Says:

    First of all, free Olympics from politics!!!
    Then, give you some of my opinions as an ordinary Chinese:
    1.Hard to believe an “educated” person don’t have the ability to learn the history and making rational analysis him/herself. Let me tell you, countless historical records indicate that Tibet has been a part of China since 1362, which was centuries before many of the western countries that even existed. No wonder you guys want to deny it because U have no history and know nothing about history.

    2a.If someone and his followers can be so cruel enough to use human being as sacrifice and make decorations from human organ and skin, isn’t that evil enough or not? 95% Tibetan no longer believe that evil nowadays after suffering too much from its oppression.

    2b. who is torturing whom? have you got any proves?

    3.If you are “educated”, you should be able to judge right from wrong, truth from lie. You should have some basic conscience. Come on, everyone in the world has watched the news distortion and propaganda shows in the western media recently.

    4. Again, study the history! Validate your resources!

    5.I’m Chinese from in and out. Real Chinese love China, love Tibetan, love peace. We welcome those open-minded people to discuss with us. But we are seriously against prejudice, violence, unjustness.

  7. wmigda Says:

    1. tortures in chinese prisons are a fact reported numerous times. You can’t deny it unless you are on chinese government payroll

    2. Tibetans did not invite maoist rebels and did not want communism

    3. chinese propaganda and censorship is a fact also proven meny times. My country has been a part of european communist block for over 50 years and we know what a communist government is capable of. It denies anything what does not match the official line of the party even when the facts against are so obvious that they revert to manipulating history. The worse is happening PRC.

    4. Yes, I study. I remember June 4th, 1989 – the Tienanmen Square massacre. Do you ? Any information about that event is prohibited in China – that is just another reason why China should not be awarded olympics in the first place.

    5. I do have a well earned PhD, I would not achieve that without ability to analyse facts based upon reason.

    6. Chinese government is desperate to hide anything what might destroy its image. They value money the most – olympics was meant as a global PR action to improve its PR in the eyes of potential customers. They will do anything to avoid being accused of wrong doing worldwide regarded as criminal. That is why they have removed western independent media and observers from Tibet. Now they are planning an action which will justify much severe actions against those of its citizens who value real freedom and not the artificial one imposed by the chinese communist party. Dalaylama wants dialogue – instead the chinese deny his rights and accuses him of everything they can think of. He is regarded dangerous because he is an uncomfortable opponent who doesn’t fit a cliche of an ordinary hooligan thay would want him to be. The next step will be a staged terrorist attack of which those accused will be people regarded by PRC government as enemies.

    7. If you Chinese love Tibetans, then why you get angry when they want to celebrate their lives tha way they did before communist invasion ? If you love peace leave them alone, they will do you no harm. But infortunately that does not fit the vision of the government. They don’t like anyone who doesn’t folow party’s official line.

    8. I think Tibetans would be much more happier if they were ruled by the pre-communist China.

    9. olympics wouild be free from polytics if it wasn’t sold by the olympic committee. Chinese economy is boosting and chinese government resorted to any means to have it and put a pretty picture of China – the countrey where everyone is happy, there are no labour camps, kids are not employed in factories, prisoners are not used for organ transplants, people are not tortured, press is free, internet is free and everyone can worship the God he or she likes. Such a lie would never succeed, but they attempted it anyway. The problem is that chinese government was convinced they would have a possibility to impose the same censorship, propaganda to the rest of the world as they do in their own country. We are not blind naive sheep which will follow cheap trinkets offered by the communist China.

  8. Maria Says:

    Don’t boast of your degree. Academic achievement doesn’t tell everything about you. You even don’t understand that nothing comes for free. You have to pay the cost for all those free things you mentioned unless you’re on CIA payroll. The Chinese communist have done also numerous good things including having freed Tibetan slaves. No regime was worse than the Tibetan serfdom.

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