The West is trying to demonize China. Why?

following words from Youtube’s Monarex

The West is trying to demonize China. Why? To ensure an upper-handed position economically, politically, and socially.

Too many harbor strong opinions about Tibet, yet know nothing more than the few slogans offered by the mass-media outlets.

The media screams:
“They killed innocent monks!” – but those “innocent” monks and other young hooligans killed innocent Chinese before a single shot was fired on them.
“The Chinese are oppressive” – do you consider freeing over 95% of Tibetans from slavery, building a state of the art infrastructure, and a new economy oppressive?
“The Chinese suppress Tibetan Buddhism” – then why have the Chinese spent a fortune restoring ancient monasteries and places of religious significance?




post from anti-cnn

I am Naturalized American artist and living in China with my Chinese wife, artist too, for last two years.

TIBET, from 1914 was internationally recognized as CHINA. But, unfortunately for many smaller countries, we “the westerners” can change that as we are pleased. Just look NATO. They created own puppet country. KOSOVO, that was (from 12th., Century) country of  SERBIA. Today, KOSOVO is NATO’s and CIA’s “playground” (independent) territory, where they are training and preparing  many terrorists for future actions to undermine other legitimate governments which doesn’t want to work with multinational corporations which in other hands trying to control FUTURE OIL MATKET (ENERGY) and are using NATO forces, under pretext of democracy.

I think that “bleeding heart democracy” should get the FACKTS before posting any comments about TIBET!

“Divine” Dalai Lama and TIBET are nothing but THE EVIL and THE HELL for own people. Shame of all these that supports 20th and 21st Centuries INQUISITION.

Also, for you that would like to read really facts, just ‘google’ name Michael Parenti or visit link:


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Dong Shan Islands (Chinese Hawaii)


True Tibetan History with German Nazi

The Riots in Lhasa by Eirik Granqvist

The Riots in Lhasa   by Eirik Granqvist, a foreign expert in Shanghai who visited Tibet in 2006

“The western medias announced that China had cut all information and that articles about the riots could not be sent out! I got mad about all the apparently incorrect information and wrote this article and two other similar ones although I am not a journalist but just because I could not stand all the bad things about China that was told. I sent them by e-mail without problems and they arrived well but two newspapers did neither respond neither publish what I had written. The third answered and wanted a shorter version that was published many days later as a normal ‘readers voice’. What Dalai Lama had said was largely published every day together with a real anti-China propaganda. What I had written was apparently too China friendly for the ‘free press’.”I was very shocked by what I had seen in the television and been reading in China daily about the riots in Lhasa. The most that shocked me was anyhow may be not the cruel events by themselves but how the medias in my country of origin, Finland, reported the events. A friend ha**canned and sent me articles and I have checked also myself what can be found at Internet.Very few Finnish people have ever visited Tibet, but I was there together with my wife in 2006. This was private persons and not as a part of a group-travel. I have seen Lhasa with my own eyes. I have been talking and chatting with people there. This was without any restrictions. Okay, we had a lovely and very competent guide that helped us much and took us where we wanted to go in the mornings but in the afternoons we were alone. Therefore I think that I have something to tell.

I am also interested in history and know more than people in general. When writing this, I do not have any reference books so I write out of my memory. If I do a small mistake somewhere, I beg your pardon. Anyhow, I think that this gives my writing an objectivity. I am well aware of that I will be accused for this and that for writing what I think is the truth. I will be accused by those who think that they know but do not know and by those that haven’t seen by their own eyes.
Tibet was for centuries an autonomous concordat between Nepal and China. Sometimes China ruled Nepal as well. The king of Tibet used therefore to have one Chinese wife and one Nepalese and then a number of Tibetan ones.   With the fifth Dalai Lama, the religious and the political power were unified under the rule of one person, The Dalai Lama. Tibet became a theocratic dictatorship and closed itself for the rest of the world. No foreigners were anymore allowed in.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the famous Swedish traveller Sven Hedin made an attempt to reach Lhasa but wa**ent politely back, out of Tibet by Dalai Lama.

A French woman, Alexandra David-Néel was more successful. She visited Lhasa dressed as a Tibetan pilgrim and she was fluent in the Tibetan language. She told how she was afraid many times that she should be discovered and then she knew that she like other suspects or opponents should “happen to fall down” from the walls of the Potala palace.
Tibet was not a paradise. Tibet was an inhuman dictatorship!

The weakened Chinese Qing Dynasty had more and more lost its influence in Tibet. Tibet became more and more interesting for the Russian empire in the north and the Britis***he south.

In 1903 a British army expedition directed by the colonel Younghusband reached Lhasa. The British lost 4 soldiers but slaughtered more the 700 Tibetans that tryed to stop them, mainly by magic. The Britis***alled “a commercial representation” in Lhasa. The Chinese evacuated Dalai Lama to the Qinghai plateau where he hade limited rights of move, probably for preventing him from having contacts with the British occupants.

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“I am a westerner” by a Britisher

The article from a Britisher

I want to tell you all that not all Western people are ignorant. I am from the UK and I am appalled at the bias of the Western media. I expect it from FOX or Sky News but not from supposedly “impartial” news agencies like the BBC and CNN. Tibetans are murdering innocent Chinese people just because they live there, yet there are still pro-Tibet demonstrations in western cities. It seems that they are FOR murder? And then the Chinese police arrive and try to stop the riots, get rocks thrown at them, some badly injured or killed, and the Western media says it is a “brutal crackdown”? Tell me, what would happen if riots like this happened in the USA? Oh wait, it DID happen, the 1992 Los Angeles riots are one. AND the 1999 WTO riots in Seattle. And did the police come in riot gear and start shooting tear gas and rubber bullets? YES. And was this called a brutal crackdown? NO. We have a word for them: hypocrites. And they moan about human rights. Yet even now the people who are native to the American continent – Native Americans – are a minority. Their culture has been destroyed and they were herded like sheep into reservations. The USA invaded Iraq because God told George Bush to get more oil, and now look, millions of INNOCENT Iraqi people have been killed. Also the British Empire had millions of slaves and “colonised” (invaded) countries. What’s funny is that there are people waving around Tibetan flags in London but they don’t even know the whole story. They are ignorant, they think what they are doing is right but of course they don’t know the truth of some Tibetan’s disgusting actions because of the bias in the media. So I hope that Chinese people don’t think all Westerners are ignorant or arrogant. Some of us actually have a brain to think, and eyes to see what is really happening.

Hi all thanks for your replies! I know that China has 56 races in harmony, but what amazes me is that your country does a better job of it than mine! In the UK we have 5 races, English, Cornish, Welsh, Scottish and Irish. However if you asked any UK person, 99% of the time they would say there are only 4. This because Cornish, which is my ethnicity, is not even recognised by the government. In the census we have to say we are “Other” then write it in. But there is a box for Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc, but no Cornish box. In our own country! The Cornish people have our own (almost dead) language, culture, history, but none of it is protected or recognised by the government. And the other UK ethnicities don’t even know about it, because the media won’t acknowledge it either. So please type 康沃尔 into the Internet and learn about the Cornish British people, because with the UK government it may soon be lost….

To Times’ Jane Macartney: Stop ignoring Chinese People’s Voice


To Times’ Jane Macartney: Stop ignoring Chinese People’s VoiceDear Jane Macartney,(or can I call you chinese name 马珍 am one of Chinese Netizen. Last night(Mar. 28), I happend to read you latest posts about Tibet on “Times Online”, and I left my comments to you, but unfortunately seems they are not eligible to be shown on the site (at least till now). From your post, I know you’re watching this forum. So I gonna leave my comments here to you, hope you will receive.The first post I read from you is <<How I became the most hated woman in China>>. It’s quit intresting to see how the western correspondent like you react to people’s flooding phone call in China. And then I left my first comment which exactly 1000 characters.“I am a chinese from China and find your post by google news. Sorry if people bothered your life, they are not meant to hurt you but just angry. I am one of the angry Chinese, too. I know you’ve been in China for quite a while (Yes, I searched your name on baidu and google), you should know how Chinese people are proud to hold the Olympic games in China to integrate with the world, and how people in China love their country. I was soooo disappointed about what the western news say after what happend in Tibet. I use google news to search China everyday and all news about China are negative and unjusted. How could you media say “punishing China” or “boycott Beijing games”
or comparing it with Nazi Germany’s Olympics? Who you think you guys are?
YOU DID insult China and Chinese people!!! Yes, you guys have the right to tell your side of story, but why no one jump out to say our side and most important when it’s the truth?
STOP Ignoring Chinese people’s voice. You already own them a sorry.”
Your second report <<Tibet monks storm shrine visit in daring protest over Chinese ‘lies’>> made me a little bit on fire. Chinese lies?? Lies what?? Seems your points are “quite welcomed” by your reader, well, according to the comments. They don’t know China but seems they are so willing to “free Tibet”, “boycott Olympic” and even more ridiculous “free Chinese people”?! OK, so left my second comment to show my voice as a Chinese people.

“I am from China. I respect you has your own story or opnion, but does any one of you hear or care our story? Check out it yourself,
Don’t tell me that china daily is blocked in your counrty.
How can you say they are not terrorists?! They burn houses, kill Han Chinese and even Tibeten Chinese for human right?? I really can NOT understand!!
I’ve post my opinions and comments on many western websites, BBC, Times and MSNBC, but they never show up on the sites. WHY? Anyway, I will never stop!
Can anyone just Stop inoring Chinese people’s voice?
Good luck Beijing, good luck China! “

Well that’ was what I wanna say to you, and can you also answer my question?

You are so concerned about the comments on chinese website regarding your company Times. Why don’t you just show a little bit concern or even a little bit mercy on those young lives who burn to death in Tibet?

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STATEMENT on “CNN statement on Tibet coverage”

STATEMENT on “CNN statement on Tibet coverage” from anti-cnn
It is glad to know that CNN has realized the tremendously negative publicity it had earned itself over the Internet recently, and it has abandoned its usual “keep silent” way of dealing with credibility charges by putting out a statement clearing itself on its Tibet coverage, which had been criticized for distorting facts and taking side by many bloggers and news agencies all over the world. The pressure must have been huge that CNN the experienced defendant against credibility accusations (number speaks, googling “CNN lies” returns 653,000 results, more than double of the 305,000 results for “Spitzer prostitution”, the hottest news this year) has to respond.

As witnesses of the false reports from CNN, we recognize the effort CNN makes to polish its tainted image, however, we can only find the statement in its whole an evasive and vague piece trying only to make excuses. We feel pity for CNN again acting in such a dishonest and unapologetic way.

Taking a quick look at what CNN has to say, one will find CNN’s excuse for cropping picture laughable. Web based publication has great deal of freedom in presenting multimedia materials including pictures. CNN could have posted the picture in its entirety while moving text to the rest of the area without any trouble at all. Web pages are not printed materials, resizing and reframing paragraphs are virtually costless and effortless. In fact, after being attacked for cropping the picture, CNN modified the page to put a zoomed out version of the entire original photo, without having to move text format at all. Then why did CNN need to crop it in the first place? Also, CNN argues in the statement that the picture was captioned “Tibetans throw stones”, then by what motive would a rational editor crop out the exact part of people throwing stones? No excuse can possibly be found to justify the discrepancy between what CNN did and what CNN claims.

Besides, CNN’s factual mistakes are not limited to the picture or calling Tibet as a country. During its TV airing until as late as March 25th, when multiple sources had confirmed Tibet riot violent and deadly, CNN anchors repeated called Tibetan turbulence a “peaceful protest”. It was exceptionally misleading and was a major distortion of fact. Even after had published the mistakes of CNN and other news outlets, Lou Dobbs of CNN continued to use the same wrong descriptions in his TV program. Even an whole team of unprofessional reporters and editors would not be a strong excuse to make up for this.

CNN also repetitively refused to identify the dead as victims of the riot, and in their carefully calculated lines constantly implied that they were protesters left dead by government actions, while in fact, they were murdered by those CNN-called “peaceful protesters”.

Observing all these facts, no one could be convinced that CNN’s distortions and erroneous messages were simply editorial or technical mistakes. They are consistent and still on-going, in favor of one side of the story.

In addition, CNN has in its reports repetitively excluded Tibetan ethnics from the Chinese. This is unacceptable, or in the American term, politically incorrect. It is just similar to calling African American and Caucasian American as Blacks and American.

While the German news agency RTL had quickly acknowledged and apologized for its mistake after pointed it out, professionals in journalism at CNN still refuse to acknowledge mistakes to redeem trust. We have to say, the denial issued by CNN on March 28th was just a weak and pathetic attempt to weasle away from the systematic lying campaign CNN had conducted in the past weeks.

By FridayInLove

Following by a ”peacefull monk protest”