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I am Naturalized American artist and living in China with my Chinese wife, artist too, for last two years.

TIBET, from 1914 was internationally recognized as CHINA. But, unfortunately for many smaller countries, we “the westerners” can change that as we are pleased. Just look NATO. They created own puppet country. KOSOVO, that was (from 12th., Century) country of  SERBIA. Today, KOSOVO is NATO’s and CIA’s “playground” (independent) territory, where they are training and preparing  many terrorists for future actions to undermine other legitimate governments which doesn’t want to work with multinational corporations which in other hands trying to control FUTURE OIL MATKET (ENERGY) and are using NATO forces, under pretext of democracy.

I think that “bleeding heart democracy” should get the FACKTS before posting any comments about TIBET!

“Divine” Dalai Lama and TIBET are nothing but THE EVIL and THE HELL for own people. Shame of all these that supports 20th and 21st Centuries INQUISITION.

Also, for you that would like to read really facts, just ‘google’ name Michael Parenti or visit link: http://www.michaelparenti.org/Tibet.html


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2-4-2008 08:30

Dong Shan Islands (Chinese Hawaii)



Lhasa – Tibet of CHINA