“I am a westerner” by a Britisher

The article from a Britisher http://www.anti-cnn.com/forum/cn/thread-30-1-1.html

I want to tell you all that not all Western people are ignorant. I am from the UK and I am appalled at the bias of the Western media. I expect it from FOX or Sky News but not from supposedly “impartial” news agencies like the BBC and CNN. Tibetans are murdering innocent Chinese people just because they live there, yet there are still pro-Tibet demonstrations in western cities. It seems that they are FOR murder? And then the Chinese police arrive and try to stop the riots, get rocks thrown at them, some badly injured or killed, and the Western media says it is a “brutal crackdown”? Tell me, what would happen if riots like this happened in the USA? Oh wait, it DID happen, the 1992 Los Angeles riots are one. AND the 1999 WTO riots in Seattle. And did the police come in riot gear and start shooting tear gas and rubber bullets? YES. And was this called a brutal crackdown? NO. We have a word for them: hypocrites. And they moan about human rights. Yet even now the people who are native to the American continent – Native Americans – are a minority. Their culture has been destroyed and they were herded like sheep into reservations. The USA invaded Iraq because God told George Bush to get more oil, and now look, millions of INNOCENT Iraqi people have been killed. Also the British Empire had millions of slaves and “colonised” (invaded) countries. What’s funny is that there are people waving around Tibetan flags in London but they don’t even know the whole story. They are ignorant, they think what they are doing is right but of course they don’t know the truth of some Tibetan’s disgusting actions because of the bias in the media. So I hope that Chinese people don’t think all Westerners are ignorant or arrogant. Some of us actually have a brain to think, and eyes to see what is really happening.

Hi all thanks for your replies! I know that China has 56 races in harmony, but what amazes me is that your country does a better job of it than mine! In the UK we have 5 races, English, Cornish, Welsh, Scottish and Irish. However if you asked any UK person, 99% of the time they would say there are only 4. This because Cornish, which is my ethnicity, is not even recognised by the government. In the census we have to say we are “Other” then write it in. But there is a box for Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc, but no Cornish box. In our own country! The Cornish people have our own (almost dead) language, culture, history, but none of it is protected or recognised by the government. And the other UK ethnicities don’t even know about it, because the media won’t acknowledge it either. So please type 康沃尔 into the Internet and learn about the Cornish British people, because with the UK government it may soon be lost….